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Rugged Luxury- The Best Daypacks for Travel

I LOVE to travel. I mean, I LOVE it.

It is literally the greatest feeling in the entire world to wake up in a land that is not your own, but yours to explore and experience.

I have been fortunate enough to have traveled basically my entire life; my mother and father were both engineers whose expertise was sought after worldwide.

Their work took me to Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bali and even Bermuda before I was fifteen years old.

I was the younger of two kids. My parents, leading this busy lifestyle as they did, simply did not have time to outfit us with cheap backpacks.

Like other kids, we went to school, toting heavy books and sports equipment.

But unlike other kids our age, we were a nomadic, happy family that often carried their life in their daypack.

This meant we had to have the best of the best.

My name is Carrington, and I am a travel aficionado.

Now that I am older and on my own, I recognize the need for a daypack that won’t quit, and one that will provide me with what I need for where I’m going.

As a child, my mother always outfitted us with the best of the best in terms of clothing and accessories, because she knew impressions were important.

As a traveler, you are making an impression on those around you.

You are representing your home country and showing them what people are like.

When I travel, I want people to look at me and think, “She knows what’s up. She is smart, and stylish, but tough.”

What Do I Need?

Each daypack is great in and of itself.

You will want to choose your daypack based on how long you will be traveling, the type of terrain you will be on, and the activity you will be doing.

For example, if you are a runner, choose a pack with a waist strap so it’s not flying all over the place as you run.

If you climb, choose a daypack narrow in construction, and with loops and patches for your climbing gear.

Hikers will want to make sure they have side pockets for water bottles.

Meanwhile, those using their pack for daily use should look for daypacks that store laptops and smart devices while offering compartments to store items like notebooks and other small items.

By making the right choice, your travels will be a lot easier.

You will feel at home and fit right in with your fellow travelers, and you will be confident that you’ve got the right gear for the task.

Cheap Straps, Loosening Threads, Oh My!

I say these words not to look down on anyone, but because I once had a cheap daypack given to me by a grandmother who meant nothing but kindness.

It was nice, but after only a few months, I was shocked to find a hole ripped into it after a day-long hike through the woods.

And after that, I noticed the strap was getting ready to rip off!

The threads on the daypack were even coming loose, making my front pocket fall off.

I was so frustrated; I wanted to throw it right in the trash.

Now I know what to look for when I choose a daypack.

I was so used to just going with what others had chosen for me that I never thought for myself.

I no longer have to worry about a strap breaking, the fabric tearing, or the bottom coming out due to the weight.

Plus, I always want to make sure I am well-prepared with a tough daypack that will carry all my necessities, but still look good.

So, grab your passport, and come with me as I show you how to choose a top-notch daypack.

Let’s Get Shopping!

Check out our top picks for daypacks that are great for travel and looking good.

1. Duluth Pack Laptop Day Pack


This is a wonderful daypack as it combines toughness with style.

A Duluth Pack is a pack normally used for canoe travel.

It is a style of pack, and also a brand name.

These packs are constructed mostly of heavy canvas, leather, or nylon.

They are primarily square in shape, for easy storing during travel.

As the name would imply, they were named after the city that invented them, Duluth, Minnesota.

While original Duluth packs were built for utility, newer packs are constructed in a way that reflects style and ruggedness.

With this particular pack, you get a lightweight, unisex pack, weighing only 2.8 pounds.

You can easily fit a laptop sized 15-inches in height by 16-inches in width inside this pack, and the leather on the front and the bottom means reinforcement for those areas of high abrasion.

You are also treated to a dual-zipper front pocket with leather reinforcement, so that way, small objects can be stored easily up front (Think about your cell phone, snacks, or pencils/pens.)

Adjustable shoulder straps mean you can make yourself comfortable as you walk along, no matter the weight of your carried goods.

This is a pack that is best suited for short day-trips, and easily looks stylish if your journey takes you into a city area.

2. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack


Kelty is an outdoors-gear manufacturer based out of Boulder, Colorado.

This is already a good sign-Colorado is known for its rugged, wild nature, and the beautiful Rockies.

This company’s founder, Asher Kelty, is considered the inventor of the aluminum –framed backpack.

Their products are loved and trusted by seasoned outdoors enthusiasts as well as beginner backpackers.

We begin with a fully accessible u-zipper, and zippered side pockets.

Then, you get a large front pocket that will hold all of your small items, like a cell phone.

There are water bottle pockets on the side of the pack for easy reaching.

The Redwing back is designed with a revolutionary suspension that will keep the weight from hurting your back while also keeping you safe.

The bag is equipped with mesh that will allow the pack to breathe, and keep you cool as you go uphill or traverse the terrain.

You also will love the stabilizers of the pack, such as the hip belt straps, sternum straps, and the waist belt to keep you in good condition while moving a heavy load.

You can choose the size that best suits you, and the unisex design means it works for women or men. This is a great choice for longer outdoor trips.

3. Thule Crossover 32L Backpack


“Bring Your Life” is the Thule motto, and you will soon come to understand why.

Thule is known worldwide for its transportation solutions-chances are you have seen a Thule carrier attached to the roof a, vehicle-but did you know about their backpacks?

They are newcomers to the market, having started in 2013, but they have adapted the quality from their other products into the bags they produce.

You will easily be able to carry all you need.

The backpack has an aluminum construction, water-resistant and lightweight material, and padding to keep your items safe.

The bag boasts a 17-inch laptop compartment, a spacious main pocket for your clothing, books, or food, and crush-resistant compartments for your sensitive items, like a cell phone or sunglasses.

If you are carrying a laptop or phone, there is a small bottom compartment for power supplies or charger.

You will also love the “Shove It” pocket, which has compression straps at hand, so you can stuff a little more in if your adventure brought you more treasures than you could hold.

Plus, you get the side pockets you want and need to hold a bottle. The design is unisex and suitable for all travelers.

4. Osprey Packs Comet Daypack


This is one we’d like to call an “everybody’s pack.” The Comet series has packs designed for men, women and children.

You get a laptop sleeve to keep your computer in a padded, safe environment.

The front organization pocket means your small items are easily within reach.

This pack features an ultra-cool and useful heat-embossed fabric pocket, which helps keep your phone and sunglasses free of scratches.

You even get a handy front-grab handle, which can help you pick up the pack from the front (like you would a duffel bag).

It is a lightweight pack, coming in at only 2.13 lbs. for ease of use. One really cool feature is that this pack has a blinker-light attachment.

If you are on a bike, or a nighttime traveler, consider this pack (and purchase your blinker light, as it does not come included).

One great thing I love about Osprey is that they stand by their product.

The “All Mighty Guarantee” means that your pack gets repaired or replaced, regardless of the reason.

And this is true no matter when you bought the pack. If the pack cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.

I surely wished I would have had this pack when my cheap one got caught on the tree and ripped!

5. Rugglife Vintage Daypack


Rugglife has the market cornered on vintage style and powerful construction.

This particular pack looks like an old-school backpack your grandpa might have carried around whilst exploring the countryside, or perhaps you might have seen it on the back of a young soldier in WWII.

But the styles are not limited to a military look.

You can choose from a variety of colors to show your style and still carry all you need with no fear of losing it.

This is a pack that will take you through the mountains or along the sidewalk without looking out of place in either situation.

The Rugglife pack has metal hardware that will not break like some packs designed with plastic or alloy pieces, and although it looks vintage, you get compartments designed for laptops, smartphones or tablets.

It is an ultra-lightweight pack, weighing in at only 1.8 lbs.

The leather straps mean extra strength to hold in your items. Each pack features a nice front pocket, so you can put small items inside for easy reach.

The daypack is designed for all people, as it sports a unisex style, rugged construction of sturdy materials and plenty of storage space no matter where you’re going.

Okay, But What Are the Benefits?

You probably are happy to choose a daypack and get started using it, but you might still wonder why you have to spend as much you do.

Well, it’s simply because you’re getting the best quality possible!

The packs I have chosen, reflect the best in gear, comfort and style.

Comfort Is Key

Hey, you are going to be doing lots of walking, hiking, carrying, and lifting with this daypack, and it’s going to be full of all your prized possessions.

You definitely want a pack that will offer you adjustable straps so that you can relieve the pressure on your shoulders.

You also might choose a pack with a waist strap so that the weight is stabilized over your body and less of a burden to carry.

You Are A Serious Adventurer! You Need Quality

You are here because you are like me. You care about travel.

You want to make an impression on the people you meet.

And if you are fumbling around with a daypack that has a broken strap or attempting to blog your adventure with a cracked laptop because the pack you have didn’t keep yours safe, your trip won’t be as fun.

Storing Memories, Storing Fun

Storing your goods is going to make your adventures enjoyable.

You will need to bring a lot with you-a change of clothes, batteries, flashlights, water, nonperishable foods…the list goes on.

You are also going to find beautiful rocks, handmade treasures, seashells and helpful guidebooks you will want to hang onto.

You need a pack that’s going to keep what you need and what you want in good, safe condition.

Conclusion- A Good Daypack Is A Good Friend

You have so many choices when it comes to choosing a daypack that suits you.

That’s why we felt it was necessary to lay out five strong choices for you so that you could make an informed decision.

We believe that everyone should be using these packs because they are the best in their class for quality and purpose.

Life is much too short to be using a poorly-made pack.

You are here to travel and leave a positive impression, not struggle with a second-rate pack!

Besides, the money that you spend right now will pay off in the future as you will not need to buy another one for many years.

That means more traveling for you, and less money having to be set aside for a daypack.

The tough part is going to be deciding which of these great packs you will make your own.

Have fun, and we can’t wait to see you out there.

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