Best Luxury Watches for Women

Nothing quite brings together an outfit the way that a perfectly selected luxury watch will, which is why so many women continue to invest in luxury timepieces even when they routinely check their smartphone for the time when they are curious.

So much more than a utilitarian tool for keeping time, luxury watches are status symbols and a key piece of your outfit – the perfect place to display your taste, your class, and your personality.

Not all luxury timepieces are created equally, and different timepieces are going to give off a different vibe and a different impression.

Some of the larger, more masculine pieces are empowering and aggressive whereas some of the smaller, more delicate pieces are a bit more whimsical and fun.

At the end of the day, you’ll obviously have plenty of options to pick and choose from when it comes time to find the best luxury watches for women.

The market today is absolutely flooded with these kinds of pieces, with more choices available than ever before.

Finding the right luxury watch for you, however, can be a bit of an uphill battle – especially if you’re looking for the perfect timepiece or your first luxury watch to add to your collection.

To give you a bit of a jumpstart on this process, and to help point you in the right direction, we highlight some of the very best luxury watches for women on the market right now in this quick guide.

Each and every one of these timepieces is overflowing with style, with luxury, and with class, and each one would look perfect on your wrist!

Let’s dive right in.

Versace Women’s VQE010015 Watch

Anything from Versace is going to be oozing class, a reflection of truly timeless, and a perfect representation of everything that today’s modern affluent woman is looking to put on display when she straps on a luxury timepiece.

This particular option has a beautiful Medusa head motif stylized directly in the middle of the timepiece, covered with a diamond cut pattern that guarantees this watch glitters and glance in every lighting condition imaginable.

Pale gold elements are also prominent on the face of this timepiece, and the beautiful sterling silver watch case isn’t only going to add a bit of class to the watch but will also add quite a bit of durability to this timepiece as well.

An alligator leather strap in brilliant white brings everything together, and this just might be the most comfortable of all the luxury watches for women on the market today.

TAG Heuer Formula One Watch

TAG used to be a watchmaker that focused almost exclusively on men, producing some of the best chronographs in high-end racing – including Formula One racing events.

Recently, however, TAG has been getting into the swing of things with more feminine watches design for women that want the same kind of style, the same kind of elegance, and the same kind of aesthetic that TAG always brings to the table.

This chronograph features many of the popular TAG design language found on so many masculine watches, but with some unique and distinctly feminine design elements as well.

The watch face is adorned with diamonds, for example, something you won’t find on one of the Formula One men’s watches – but something that really feels at home with this one.

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar with Retrograde Watch

There are a handful of watchmakers out there that produce really special pieces, the kinds of timepieces that are engineering marvels and design miracles – the kinds of watches that collectors go absolutely crazy for and that only the truly wealthy ever have an opportunity to all.

This Patek Philippe timepiece is a perfect representation of those kinds of watches, the epitome of what all luxury watches for women should strive for.

Like every other Patek Philippe timepiece (for men or for women) no expense has been spared when it comes to the design, engineering, and construction materials found throughout this watch.

18 karat white gold, sapphire crystals, a self-winding perpetual calendar that also tracks the moon phase and retrograde, and a whole host of other special features are found only in this watch – the kinds of features you’d expect from a timepiece that costs more than most people make in a year.

Movado Women’s Sapphire Swiss Quartz Silver Watch

Movado has been able to separate itself from every other luxury timepiece manufacturer with a very minimalist case style that has become their trademark, instantly recognizable by anyone and everyone that has ever fallen in love with a Movado timepiece.

This luxury timepiece for women features a beautifully polished stainless steel face and bracelet that shines in any lighting relation, sparkling in the bright sunlight, and immediately capturing the attention of everyone the moment that you enter a space.

Lightweight, comfortable, and yet still a bit on the larger side as far as the face is concerned, this is a powerful watch that showcases your personality straightaway – the kind of watch that has come to perfectly represent today’s, modern affluent woman.

Invicta Women’s Bolt Swiss Quartz White Watch

Invicta has established itself as one of the most popular luxury watchmaking operations in the world over the last few decades, cementing its position amongst competitors like Rolex and Movado while offering its own unique blend of style and aesthetics that no other company can showcase.

This chronograph is distinctly masculine in its overall style, which is to be expected considering the fact that it is a chronograph to begin with – the style of watch traditionally worn by male racecar drivers around the world – but has a tremendous amount femininity to it as well.

For example, the face of this timepiece is crafted entirely out of white mother of pearl and rose gold accents surround the watch face and the watch case itself. The case is stainless steel with a rose gold fixtures and dials, and the incredibly comfortable white strap is something special as well.

Rolex Oyster Purple Grape Dial Luxury Watch

It would be absolutely impossible to have a list of luxury watches for women without mentioning Rolex, the “king of the ring” when it comes to luxury watches and the first brand-name that pops into someone’s mind when they want to purchase something really special.

This Rolex is a spin on the traditional Oyster luxury watch that has become so popular over the last 30 years or so, featuring a beautiful and immediately recognizable purple grape watch dial face.

This adds a lot of fun, a lot of personality, and a lot of femininity to a timepiece that could otherwise look ultra-masculine – making it one of the best luxury watches for women on the market today and a smart investment if you are looking for something that looks perfect on special occasions or when you are headed to the office.

Omega Women’s Constellation Gold Watch

Omega may be best known as the watch company responsible for outfitting America’s astronauts when they had to into space – with Omega watches worn on the moon and almost every NASA mission into space – but the luxury timepieces they produce are also something really special, too.

This two-toned rose gold and stainless steel Constellation watch looks a lot like it came down directly from the heavens. Simple, straightforward, and featuring a minimalist aesthetic that isn’t short on class, this isn’t going to be the most “in your face” luxury timepiece on the market today. But it certainly has an air about it that separates it from the rest of the pack, the kind of watch worn by confident people secure in their wealth as opposed to the people that need to flaunt money they may or may not have.

This Omega is something really special.

Christian Dior Women’s Black Eight Watch

If you are on the hunt for a women’s luxury watch that is going to stand out in even the most crowded room, a luxury timepiece that immediately screams elegance and high fashion, you might not have to look any further than this Christian Dior option.

Featuring a black and silver motif that is always going to be timeless, with diamonds encrusted all around the face of this timepiece, you – and anyone else that sets eyes on this watch – will be immediately drawn to the simple and straightforward elegance that this watch isn’t shy about showcasing.

A little on the larger side of things compared to some of the other timepieces we have highlighted in this guide, this watch has a masculine profile that is upfront and aggressive without ever forgetting about its femininity and classic style.

Like a lot of other fashion options from Dior, you’ll know exactly what you are getting into when you slide this watch on your wrist, and anyone else that pays attention to the world of high fashion will immediately recognize you as a kindred spirit when you have this accessory tying together the rest of your outfit.

What’s Your Pick?

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with ANY of the luxury watches for women that we have highlighted guide.

All of them are something special and any woman would be lucky to have at least one of them in their personal collection!

If you own a luxury watch or would have one to choose from out of this list, which would it be? 

Leave your comment below…

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