Luxury Living Room Furniture

Upgrade Your Furniture, Upgrade Your Life!

Your living room is a reflection of you.

From the colors you choose to the furniture, every little detail can send a cue to people.


These cues tell people about your personality.

Are you fun and inviting or are you private and closed off?

Designing your living room to match your lifestyle and sending the message you want is crucial.

The living room is where you do just that, live, so you might as well design a room that you enjoy and a place, where people enjoy being.

There is nothing worse than being in a stuffy uninteresting room with uncomfortable furniture.

It begins to feel like a waiting room. And what are people waiting for?

They are waiting to leave. They are trying to find the quickest way out.

No one wants that, especially for their living room.

Create a room that says something about you.

Create a room people want to be in, lounge in, and converse in.

Most importantly, create a room you are proud of.

Carefully choose the furniture you decorate with, so you know exactly what it says about you.

Can you make a space where people not only want to be but won’t want to leave?

Do you want to be the socialite people want to be around? The beacon of light people wants to flock to?

My name is Steven and I’m a graphic designer.

Ever since I had my first apartment it was very important to me to be able to host people.

To be able to have gatherings where friends and acquaintances alike could come, chat, and have a good time.

Back then people didn’t mind the shoddy couches, chairs and tables. It was almost endearing.

However, as I got older, left school, and started my career; that older hand-me-down furniture became not only unsophisticated, it was annoying. I realized quickly that if I wanted to have the social life, I needed to update my living room and my furniture.

It has always been important to me to have my own space.

A space that people would want to interact in, not that I mind places like clubs or bars.


It’s just harder to have an in-depth, serious conversation when the music is too loud, and the bar stools are extremely uncomfortable.

I decided then that I would change my life by changing the way I setup my living room.

I would create a space where I could have salons that facilitated intelligent, fun, and playful conversation.

If I was going to do that I wasn’t going to half-ass it.

I was going to go all the way and spend money to buy luxury long-lasting furniture that I would not only be proud of, but that would stay with me.

Taking the First Step

If you’ve ever bought furniture, you know what a pain cheap furniture can be.

It fades and breaks down quickly.

It’s like a cheap mattress that wears unevenly, and you get what you pay for, and if you’re going to spend money why not buy something that will last you decades.

Instead of something you’ll have to replace in a few years.


One thing to consider when you are purchasing luxury furniture is that you’re not just paying for a name or brand, but you are paying for quality.

You are paying for designs that will not only be durable but stand the test of time and catch the attention of anyone who passes through the room.

Another challenge that emerges when you are looking to buy new furniture is consistency.

For example, you wouldn’t want to pair a mid-century modern chair next to a Victorian couch.

Buying a collection of furniture is a good way to stay consistent but you might not always want to do that, so it is important to always consider consistency.

The most important thing though, is that your living room and furniture reflect you.

It’s easy to get started just pick a design, color, or piece you like then begin to build the room around that.

It is important to remember, you don’t have to embark on this endeavor alone; there are always people out there who can help you.

Here are a few pieces that can get you off to the right start and act as a guide while you not only redesign your living space but set the tone for a new future.

1. The Sofa is King

The sofa is the main event. It will be the first piece of furniture people notice when they look around your living room.

The best way to arrange your living room is to find a quality sofa that you like and build your living room around that.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of sofa will work best for you.

There are many different types of sofa styles; for example, there are sectionals, tuxedo sofas, and English roll arms just to name a few.

What will work best in your space?

What kind of style speaks to you?

Once you’ve answered these two questions, your search will be a lot easier.

Have you ever sat on a sofa that is stiff as a board?

How about one where you sit down and sink in almost all the way to the floor?

When you sit on an uncomfortable sofa, you constantly have to readjust trying to find a comfortable position, but you never truly get comfortable.

The most important aspect of a truly luxury sofa is the comfort.


Do you find it comfortable?

Chances are if you aren’t comfortable when you sit on it no one else will be and that is the last thing you want.

A stylish, comfortable sofa is the first step to really tying a room together.

2. Pairing with Chairs

Now that you have a sofa picked out, another good step is to find one or two chairs to accent your sofa.

There is something about a living room with a few nice chairs that helps foster a social environment.

You don’t want something that is reminiscent of your grandfather’s old recliner though. Or worse, something that feels uncomfortable or unnatural.

Ultimately, you don’t want a chair that feels like it belongs in a doctor’s office waiting room. Chairs are a little more versatile when it comes to furniture.

You can bend the rules a little bit more.

One easy way to choose a chair is to pick something that is similar in design and style to your sofa.


Sometimes clashing patterns and prints can work, but generally, you want styles that accent each other and not clashing too much.

Another good way to keep things consistent is to work within a color palette to make sure the colors and tones will complement each other and work together in your living room.

Once you find some nice chairs to go with your sofa, you’re one step closer to having the room you want.

3. End Tables and Coffee Tables That Work for You

Imagine throwing a cocktail party.

Everyone is settling into the living room to have a nice relaxing chat.


Someone goes to set a drink down and they notice the beat up old coffee table and end table.

When you get coffee tables and end tables, you want something that not only looks great you want something that is going to hold up.


That is not the case with cheap tables they may be nice and sturdy for a year or two, but shortly they will begin to deteriorate the legs will get wobbly.

The joints will come loose.

And they will show their wear quickly.

That’s why spending the extra money to get something that will last decades is worth it.

4. Shelves, Bookcases, and More

One of the first things I do when I’m in someone’s living room sees what books they have on their bookshelf.

Something that can be particularly eye-catching, in addition to a good reading list, is a good bookshelf.


Interesting shelves and storages pieces are always a good way to add a little dazzle to a well put together living room; especially if you can find something that stands out against the normal boring shelving units.

Also consoles, cabinets, buffets can add a nice fashionable functionality to a room.

When it comes to luxury living room storage, there are many options and it’s hard to go wrong with any of them.



So, find something you like that will work for your space.

These pieces will add a beautiful organization to your already gorgeous living room.

5. Lamps and Accents

Now for the finishing touches, lamps and other accents do for a room what jewelry does for a person.


It might not be the first thing you notice, but it definitely adds a pop. A nice lamp won’t just help illuminate the room, it will add a nice flare.

Or, a nice ottoman for people to kick their feet up and relax on.

You’ll want to pick things that stand out in your room and make people say, “wow, that is really awesome!”


It won’t just be you who gets to enjoy looking at these accents, people will definitely notice them at parties.

Living with Your New Furniture

With your new luxury furniture, you might have to give it a little TLC every now and again, but the upkeep will never be as drastic as that of cheap furniture.

And the biggest thing, IT WILL LAST.

In 5 years, your luxury coach and chairs will look brand new.

Whereas cheap furniture will probably be broken down in 5 years especially with frequent or excessive use.

Not only will luxury furniture last and look great, but it will feel great.


It will continue to provide you with long-lasting comfort.

Every time you enter your living room, you will see furniture that you are proud of and happy to own.

It’s Worth it

Do yourself a favor, spend the extra money, and buy the luxury furniture you’ve always wanted.

Not only do you owe it to yourself, you deserve it.

You will enjoy it and the people you invite over will enjoy it. And your social life will thank you.

You will have a living room that people will want to hang out in and spend time in.

It will give you a sense of security.

The furniture won’t just be comfortable to lounge on, but you will get comfort in knowing that these pieces will be with you a long time.

Luxury Living Room Furniture
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Luxury Living Room Furniture
The living room is where you do just that, live, so you might as well design a room that you enjoy and a place, where people enjoy being. There is nothing worse than being in a stuffy uninteresting room with uncomfortable furniture. It begins to feel like a waiting room. And what are people waiting for?
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