4 North Carolina Luxury Mountain Resorts to Rest in Style

My bucket list of all the places to visit before I die keeps getting bigger as I learn more about our wonderful planet and the world we live in.

There is nothing more satisfying than writing a tiny checkmark next to a location on the list that I’ve just visited.

Every travel is a soul-enriching experience, and my trip to North Carolina wasn’t the exception.

The history behind these beautiful mountains is a must read.

North Carolina is home to numerous luxury mountain resorts where visitors young, old, single, or in groups can rest in style and have a great time.

I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning in a super comfortable bed, get up and have a cup of freshly brewed coffee followed by a delicious breakfast in a resort with a magnificent view of the North Carolina’s mountain landscapes.

The sun is slowly coming out casting its light on trees, hills, and valleys while I’m planning what to do that day, hiking, taking photos, or just relaxing in the pool, maybe even working out in the gym.

Since my goal is to make every traveling experience comfortable, relaxing, and enriching I always try to look for luxury resorts with a plethora amenities.

That way, I can take part in different activities, rest whenever I want to, soak up the beauty of both the interior and nature itself.

Plus, that’s the best way to get the most out of your trip.

Nobody wants to pay a huge load of money for hotels or motels where you just get one bed and hope it’s going to be comfortable. This is an everyday struggle that many people face.

They can’t travel in style because places they book their holiday don’t live up to the expectations despite promising an unforgettable experience.

Traveling in style means you get much-needed comfort and entertainment while resting your eyes on incredible scenery.

Before I visited North Carolina, I was chatting with friends who were already there, and they recommended some resorts fit for people of all ages, i.e., regardless of how old you are there’s something just for your needs and preferences.

I also did thorough research to find places where other people went to, visited Trip Advisor and read about experiences they had at each of the resorts I found.

After summing up all the gathered info, four places stood out, and I’m going to tell you more about each of them below.


High Hampton Resort

High Hampton resort is a perfect destination for singles, couples, groups, young, and older visitors who are looking for a “home away from home.”


The luxurious place also oozes elegance, and it gives that comfortable vibe that makes you honestly believe you’re home, not in some resort away from your house.


This wonderful resort is set 1400 acres of land located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are the segment of the Appalachian Mountains in the US.

This mountain range extends from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina to South Carolina and Georgia.

The storied resort also has luxury cottages, and the entire place has been around for decades.

The resort dates back to 1922, and it’s only 2 miles away from the village of the Cashiers and the US-64. When a resort has such a long tradition, it’s always a good sign.

Places that provide poor service don’t get to stay that many years in business.

The full-service resort focuses on great outdoors, and it also has a rich program to help their visitors have the best time ever.

Rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated.

Not only they are elegant, but they also have this unique rustic chic vibe that makes them look and feel super comfortable.

Cottages and rooms in the main building have wood-paneled walls that create that homey atmosphere.

Furniture is handcrafted meaning it’s unique to this place only.

A lot of hours were spent on this exceptional furniture to ensure you have all the comfort you need while enjoying the beautiful interior that surrounds you. The exterior is even better; you get to enjoy nice views, take walks and hikes, and the air is so fresh you’ll want to stay there forever.

Meals are included in High Hamptons Resort services, and they are served in a woodsy dining room.

To add more luxury into the whole thing the dining room has a dress code all visitors should follow.

Numerous amenities and perks are available to people who people who choose this resort. For example:

• Kid-friendly
• Bar
• Hiking
• Spa
• Hampton Lake
• Children’s programs
• Animal encounters featuring llamas, falconry, miniature donkeys
• WiFi
• Free parking
• Non-smoking rooms
• Golf course

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Omni Grove Park Inn

If you’re looking for a picturesque resort with a fairytale-like scenery, then you’ll definitely want to check out Omni Grove Park Inn.

This is yet another luxury resort with a long history after being founded back in 1913.


Southern hospitality is the heart and soul of this resort.

Every guest feels like home thanks to comfortable rooms and kind staff.

The magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains provide a wonderful view from your room.


Nothing compares to waking up early in the morning and seeing that beautiful scenery.

It’s not just about the beautiful landscape, but gazing at the mountains from the comfortable room can be incredibly therapeutic.


Omni Grove Park Inn has 513 luxurious guest rooms, 14 suites, and 28 rooms on a private adults-only Club Floor.

The resort is just 2.6 miles away from the University of North Carolina Asheville.

Rooms have a lovely, romantic décor and guests get to choose whether they want to stay in a resort room or traditional, club, premium resort, mountain view, panorama corner, or some other rooms and suites.

Selection is amazing so every guest can opt for the room that fits their needs the most.

What makes this resort unique is that ten US presidents have stayed there and loved absolutely everything about it.

That’s not so surprising bearing in mind the resort has elegance and southern charm.

People of all ages can find something interesting to do, and the resort is ideal for singles, couples, groups, you name it.

Many resorts provide a plethora of amenities and services for their guests, and Omni Grove Park Inn is not the exception.

Some of them include:
• WiFi
• Minifridges
• Flat-screen HDTV
• Sauna and steam room
• Terrace
• 18-hole golf course
• Meeting rooms
• Sports complex with 6 tennis courts
• Indoor pool
• Fitness center
• 5 restaurants
• 3 bars
• Café
• Kid- and pet-friendly
• Non-smoking hotel

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The Waynesville Inn, Golf Resort & Spa

The Waynesville Inn was founded about 90 years ago and became one of the best luxury mountain resorts in North Carolina.


The resort is set in a stately stone building at a truly beautiful location surrounded by the Great Smoky Mountains on one side and the Blue Ridge Mountains and Balsam Mountains on the other side.

Wherever you look, you get to see breathtaking landscapes and peaceful sceneries that make this resort a popular destination for singles and couples or groups who want to relax, have fun, and still witness the power of Mother Nature.


It’s difficult to define the feeling you get when you observe the mountains; you realize just how big this world is and how powerful it can be.
A convenient location of the Waynesville Inn makes it easy for guests to reach historic downtown Waynesville, Maggie Valley, Cherokee, and Asheville.

Close proximity to many other places is particularly useful for people who like to explore the entire area when they travel.

Rooms are spacious, rustic or modern, and very cozy.

This resort is the perfect proof that modern doesn’t have to be bland and uncomfortable, the interior design is truly amazing. Many rooms come with balconies and the sitting areas for extra comfort.


Amenities, activities, and services available for guests of this luxury resort include:
• WiFi
• Free breakfast
• Kid- and pet-friendly
• Pool
• Non-smoking resort
• Restaurant
• Family rooms
• Bar/lounge
• Spa
• Wheelchair access
• Golf course
• Business center
• Horseback riding
• Fly fishing
• Skiing
• Cataloochee valley tours

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Chetola Resort at Blowing Rock

Chetola Resort was founded circa 1846 meaning it has a really long history.


If you’re looking for a resort with southern hospitality, tradition, and amazing amenities, then Chetola Resort is definitely worth considering.

This particular resort is considered one of the best stays in the Blue Ridge. Bearing in mind that North Carolina and Blue Ridge area had a wide array of resorts, is one of the best says a lot.

Chetola is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is neighboring a 3600-acre National Park.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy first-class accommodations in Chetola’s lodge luxury condos.

Each room or lodge in the resort has a wonderful view of the mountains.

This is particularly romantic at cold winter months. Just imagine waking up in the morning or spending time in a cozy room looking at snow-covered mountains.

It can’t get more romantic than that. Rooms have a classy décor that only emphasizes the luxuriousness of this resort.

Services and amenities that guests can use include:
• WiFi
• Room service
• Bar/lounge
• Pool
• Wheelchair access
• Spa
• Fitness center
• Restaurant
• Non-smoking hotel
• Suites
• Women’s only shotgun course
• Golf
• Massage
• Ziplining
• Fly fishing

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North Carolina is home to breathtakingly beautiful mountains and a wide array of luxury resorts that are calling your name.

This post presented four luxury resorts worth considering.

If you’re planning a trip to North Carolina and its mountains, opt for a luxury resort that fits your needs the most.

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