Top 4 Martha’s Vineyard Luxury Hotels

Ever wanted to visit Martha’s Vineyard?

Chances are high the answer is “YES.” Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most popular destinations to visit for all singles, couples, and groups of all ages.

Beautiful scenery and calming atmosphere make this area a perfect spot to rest, relax, and recharge batteries before going back to work.

I think all of us know someone who visited Martha’s Vineyard and can’t stop talking about its beauty.


They always finish their rather long monologue with the words “oh you simply have to go there.” Knowing a lot of people who visited Martha’s Vineyard, I started researching the destination, and my curiosity increased with every photo I saw and the sentence I read.

Pictures of people’s trips to Martha’s Vineyard were amazing, and it was only natural to add this popular spot to my bucket list of all the places I want to visit.

Martha’s Vineyard is home to wonderful resorts and hotels, but it wasn’t that easy to choose where to stay.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a picky person, but when it comes to booking holidays, I pay attention to details in order to make my trip unforgettable.

Most people opt for lower-end hotels and resorts thinking they’ll save money that way.

Unfortunately, the reality is much different. Low-end hotels usually have plain and basic rooms.

Many of those rooms come with a quite an uncomfortable bed and a desk without TV or anything.

Service in those hotels is usually poor, staff rude, and your holiday turns into stress rather than a relaxing endeavor.

There’s more; those hotels don’t have many amenities, activities, and services to offer to their guests. Meals aren’t that delicious either.

Guests who want to make their holiday memorable have to pay for any additional services that are included in the price of luxury resorts.

By the time your holiday is over, you are tired, stressed out, and can’t wait to leave the place.

The entire vacation is just one big bad memory, and you end up advising people not to go to that hotel. Seems familiar?

All of us have been there, or we know someone who has.

Luxury resorts aren’t just about getting to use amenities that aren’t easily available in low-end hotels.

They make your vacation more relaxing and memorable.

Martha’s Vineyard Luxury Resorts You Need To Visit

These resorts allow you to bond with loved ones and enjoy the beautiful sceneries surrounding you.


Since I wanted to make my trip to Martha’s Vineyard a wonderful experience I immediately knew luxury resorts are the way to go.

After looking up resorts, checking user reviews, and exploring their offers, I found a perfect resort.

To help you out, I’m going to list top 4 worth considering below fun facts about Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard fun facts
• Martha’s Vineyard is an island south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts
• In 1641 colonial businessman Thomas Mayhew purchased the island which was settled in 1642
• Martha’s Vineyard was considered a part of New York until 1692
• It is the 58th largest island in the United States and 3rd largest island on the east coast
• Martha’s Vineyard is divided into 6 towns
• The island is home to America’s oldest carousel, Flying Horses Carousel, which has been in operation since the 1800s
• Five lighthouses are settled along the coast and visitors can climb all the way up to enjoy a panoramic view

Martha’s Vineyard has an idyllic exterior and that Caribbean vibe despite its location at the east coast.

If you’re in the mood for fine wining and dining, then you know where to go.


Now let’s go through top luxury hotels worth staying at.

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Vineyard Square Hotel & Suites

Vineyard Square Hotel opened its doors to guests and visitors back in 1911.

Don’t know about you, but I absolutely love these hotels with a long history and tradition.

Just imagine what those walls witnessed over the years.

Plus, these hotels and resorts usually have a unique vibe that you can’t find elsewhere.


In addition, long history is always a good sign of a great business.

The property is 0.6 miles from the ferry terminal, a block from the harbor, and just a few steps away from downtown Edgartown dining and shopping.

Martha’s Vineyard’s liveliest scene is just outside the hotel’s door making it a perfect destination for people who want to rest and have lots of fun at the same time.

This upscale hotel comes with stylish rooms with a beachy chic vibe.

The view from every room is absolutely breathtaking.

You walk up to the window and see the beach, water, trees, and all-around beautiful scenery that makes you feel both calm and excited.

Colors in the rooms and the entire hotel are vibrant, summery, but chic and classy.

Each guest has the opportunity to choose between regular or luxury rooms and suites.


We can easily consider this luxurious hotel as a wonderful oasis where you can unwind after work-related stress.

Picture yourself sipping on a cold lemonade while gazing at the ocean with sun’s rays glistening on its surface.

Vineyard Square Hotel is a popular choice for many tourists and regular guests who come to Martha’s Vineyard thanks to a number of services and amenities available to every visitor.


Some of them include:
• Free WiFi
• Flatscreen TV
• Water view
• Fireplace
• Loaner bikes
• Beach accessories
• Continental breakfast
• Rooftop veranda with harbor view
• Courtyard garden
• Front porch with rocking chairs
• Fitness center
• Spa
• Boutique
• Restaurant serving seafood
• Kid-friendly and pet-friendly
• Private balcony

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Union Street Inn

Union Street Inn is an upscale hotel that occupies the 18th-century whaling captain’s house.


Back in time, Martha’s Vineyard was the center of whaling industry which explains the interesting history behind this hotel.

The elegant hotel is just a few minutes away from the Main Street, and it takes about four minutes of walking to reach the ferry terminal at Straight Warf and Children’s Beach.

I absolutely loved it when hotels and resorts are located near important roads, streets, and other places.

When I have no too much time on my hands, I want to be able to reach the hotel and get by without too much hassle, and I’m sure you also share this opinion.

Rooms in the Union Street Inn are luxurious and individually designed.

Rich patterns, greenery, artwork, and soft pastels are the focus of each room.


They have a beachy vibe, but they’re modern at the same time. The interior décor is comfortable and inviting with bright colors suit for such a destination.

It’s also important to mention the rooms are spacious and follow a unique tone.

For example, one room can have different shades of blue while the other is designed in a black and white style.

Magnificent views to Caribbean-looking Martha’s Vineyard’s scenery is what every room has in common

Services, activities, and amenities available to Union Street Inn’s guests are:
• WiFi
• Free parking
• Kid-friendly
• Wood-burning fireplace
• TV
• 4-poster beds
• Breakfast included
• Bike tours
• Nantucket natural history package

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White Porch Inn

White Porch Inn is an upscale and artsy hotel located just a minute-long walk from the shops and restaurants at the Commercial Street in Provincetown.


In addition, the hotel is 2.3 miles away from Herring Cove Beach and 5 blocks from MacMillan Pier.

White Porch Inn perfectly captures the spirit of the charming Provincetown, a place where sun, sand, and a lovely horizon make everyone fall in love with this little town.

Recently renovated luxe hotel is an ideal combination of the contemporary design and casual elegance.


The hotel comes with an integrated art gallery and ten charming rooms with a modern, yet tasteful decoration, clean lines, and artistic vibe.

Every room has its own private bath and original paintings from different artists across the globe.

That is why this hotel is a popular spot for guests who are into the arts, but also among people who want to enjoy the beauty of both the interior and exterior.

The view is simply breathtaking.

You can see the ocean and just free your mind of all the stress that bothered you.

Services and amenities available to guests of White Porch Inn include:
• Spa
• Free breakfast
• Bar
• Flatscreen TV
• Audio systems with Bluetooth connectivity
• Fireplace
• European continental breakfast
• WiFi
• Beach towel and chair service
• Wine hour

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White Elephant Village

If you’re looking for an upscale hotel that combines luxury with natural beauty, then White Elephant Village is worth considering.


The hotel seamlessly combines a world-class elegance and sophistication with small island town charm.

It’s one of the best places to stay in Nantucket. White Elephant Village is just 5 minutes of walking away from a ferry port servicing Hyannis, about 0.6 miles from the Brant Point Lighthouse, and only 0.2 miles from the Children’s Beach. Basically, the hotel is near other interesting places you can see on Nantucket, and it’s easy to find it.

Interior décor is a combination of island vibe and modern furnishings.


A wonderful mix of two worlds gives this hotel a unique atmosphere that attracts many guests, and a vast majority of them keep coming back.

Guests have the opportunity to determine whether they want a deluxe room, suite, or a private residence.


Regardless of where you are you’ll be happy to know the views from each room are magnificent and Instagram-friendly if you know what I mean.


Amenities available to guests of White Elephant Village are:
• WiFi
• Pool
• Restaurant
• Business center
• Kid-friendly
• Room service
• Cabanas
• Bicycles
• Fitness room
• Babysitting
• Family-friendly

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Martha’s Vineyard is an ideal summer destination for families, couples, singles, and you name it.

Avoid the hassle involved with low-end hotels and treat yourself with luxurious hotels and resorts to have the best vacation ever.

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